Brand Spotlight: Q&Q SmileSolar

Q&Q SmileSolar is an amazing brand that combines their passions for innovation and global happiness to create products that are loved by many.

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By using recycled materials, Q&Q SmileSolar develops well designed watches that are completely solar powered.  Say goodbye to changing your watch batteries.  So long as you have access to an hour of sunlight, you’ll have 3 months worth of power.

By changing light into energy, the watch needs no battery replacement, making it a green option for all.

My husband and I recently wore our Q&Q SmileSolar watches on a recent trip to Bermuda.  These water resistant watches were perfect for all of our aquatic adventures in paradise!

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Q&Q SmileSolar is on a mission to create moments of happiness to the world.  One way they do this is by supporting people by making donations.  When anyone purchases a Q&Q SmileSolar watch, a portion of the proceeds is donated for TABLE FOR TWO to deliver school meals to children in Africa.

Being able to own a great timepiece at an even better price, while also being able to help people around the world, puts Q&Q SmileSolar on my favorites list!

Get your own at


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Better Look Good for Saul (Zabar)

New York City, and the Upper West Side particularly, has no shortage of specialty grocery stores.  From Citarella to Fairway, Manhattanites have some of the world’s most delectable options right at their doorstep.  But, as an almost decade long Upper West Side resident and a lifelong New Yorker, it is my humble opinion that nothing compares to the family run, neighborhood market known as Zabar’s.

On almost every shopping trip to the century-old emporium you can find Saul Zabar, one of the owners of the famed store, roaming up and down the narrow aisles that shelve Jewish appetizers and global confections.  Checking in on customers, who of course know him by name, Saul makes every trip to 80th street not just a chore, but an event.

My father, perhaps Zabar’s biggest fan, is on constant runs down Broadway for pounds of stuffed cabbage, onion rolls and pastrami (very thinly cut, of course).  And, it might be his excitement that makes me feel that if Saul can bring so much joy not just to my family, but to families all over the city, then it should be my responsibility to at least look somewhat presentable as I roam from his carefully curated cheese section to my favorite coffee nook whose intoxicating aromas delicately tickle my nostrils.

So the next time you find yourself in a catering pickle, I say, you better call Saul!

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Boots: Ted Baker; Shawl: Free People; Bag: Zac Posen; Sunglasses: Prada; Shirt: Zara;

Necklace: Rachel Zoe; Watch: Shinola Detroit

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