Vintage Denim and Hand-Me-Down Heaven

My husband calls me a hoarder.  I just say I’m “sentimental.”  Regardless, I have once again been proven correct in my assumption that some things are just worth keeping.

As a child, I was constantly given hand-me-downs (the perks of being one of the youngest family members).  As a child in the ’90s, my denim collection is… large.

While I’m currently on the search for the perfect vintage jean jacket, I have lately been obsessed with the one from Gap Kids (yes, kids!) below.  My older cousin’s name is printed on the inside, so I’m guessing he must’ve brought this thing to camp with him.  Eventually it was passed to my brother, and then to me.  Sitting in my closet for years, and years… and years, who knew I’d ever wear it again? ME.

Despite this 90s frock being a bit short, with sleeves that end just above my wrist, I find it’s baggy and shapeless silhouette to be just on trend.





What items are you “hoarding” in your closet in hopes of a comeback?  Let me know!


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Let’s Go Orange (and blue)!

Nothing excites a Syracuse University alum more than one of 2016 NYFW’s biggest trends, the colors orange and blue!  Luckily my closet is filled to the brim of my two favorite colors.  Designers like Opening Ceremony, Jeremy Scott and Tory Burch covered their runways with stylish models clad in the beautiful and spirited color combination.

Tory Burch; Opening Ceremony; Guilietta

Tory Burch; Opening Ceremony; Guilietta

From contrasting pants and shirts to dresses flawlessly combining the colorful hues, get ready to see an ample amount of “Syracuse” couture lining the windows of Saks, Barneys and Bergdof’s.  I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time…

Embracing the trend is one of Instagram’s most fashionable Social Influencers:


Kinza |@Latresor | Algeria / Norway


Kinza and her sister, Zozo (@mczozo) are personal style bloggers at  The pair have an eye for both style and a bargain.  The outfit above, which appears haute couture is actually a steal!  Her dress is from Mango, trousers from Bik Bok, jacket from Monki, shoes from Zara and adding in some additional style, a vintage handbag.  If there’s anything The Eden Edition loves completely, it’s something vintage, and of course, a good deal!

In fact, if you think dressing on a budget won’t get you attention, well, you couldn’t be more wrong!  While in Oslo Runway, international street style photographers were eager to take pics of the sisters.  David Nyanzi (@davidnyanzi) posted one of their photos, making the girls beyond excited!

We do not wear expensive brands from head to toe.  We are concerned with style and the ability to combine different garments together.  Even if it is bought on budget it can still look good.

Kinza reminds us that Norway has very long winters, and most embrace neutral tones.  Therefore, she goes for color… and these colors are right on trend!  Known as the “Fashion Sisters,” Kinza and Zozo are extraordinarily ambitious and determined to encourage and inspire women from all walks life.  In 2014, they founded the socially oriented women’s organization CLÉ WOMEN with a friend Sheery K.  They hold seminars and events that address relevant issues and works toward empowering women in everyday life and work.  Their goal is to create a community of women who inspire and support each other.

Kinza and Zozo are such an inspiration to us here at The Eden Edition.  Their goals are ambitious but their desires are pure.  Women helping women.  We couldn’t agree more!
Kinza leaves us with a few words wisdom:
If there is something you really want, then do it.   The only thing you need is to set yourself a goal and work toward it. Never give up.  You will fail many times but it is important to continue. That’s when the success comes! Trust us 🙂
Go Kinza and Zozo!  Check out their blog and Instas!  You won’t be disappointed!
Also, GO ORANGE (and blue)!!!
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Better Look Good for Saul (Zabar)

New York City, and the Upper West Side particularly, has no shortage of specialty grocery stores.  From Citarella to Fairway, Manhattanites have some of the world’s most delectable options right at their doorstep.  But, as an almost decade long Upper West Side resident and a lifelong New Yorker, it is my humble opinion that nothing compares to the family run, neighborhood market known as Zabar’s.

On almost every shopping trip to the century-old emporium you can find Saul Zabar, one of the owners of the famed store, roaming up and down the narrow aisles that shelve Jewish appetizers and global confections.  Checking in on customers, who of course know him by name, Saul makes every trip to 80th street not just a chore, but an event.

My father, perhaps Zabar’s biggest fan, is on constant runs down Broadway for pounds of stuffed cabbage, onion rolls and pastrami (very thinly cut, of course).  And, it might be his excitement that makes me feel that if Saul can bring so much joy not just to my family, but to families all over the city, then it should be my responsibility to at least look somewhat presentable as I roam from his carefully curated cheese section to my favorite coffee nook whose intoxicating aromas delicately tickle my nostrils.

So the next time you find yourself in a catering pickle, I say, you better call Saul!

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 12.25.55 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 12.25.58 PM

Boots: Ted Baker; Shawl: Free People; Bag: Zac Posen; Sunglasses: Prada; Shirt: Zara;

Necklace: Rachel Zoe; Watch: Shinola Detroit

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.40.58 PM









Oscar, Can You Hear Me?

The winter holidays are long gone, and my half birthday has just passed.  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but my husband and I don’t exactly celebrate cupid’s arrow with lavish gifts.  So, unless I want to wait until July (my birthday month, and yes, I celebrate the entire month), I might have to buy this wish list item with my own hard-earned cash!  I mean, I do work for a reason!

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 12.20.24 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 12.19.42 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 12.20.40 PM


I can’t get enough of Oscar de la Renta’s new twist on his signature tassel silhouette with this resort 2016 pair featuring an octagon crystal stone clip closure.   These eye-catching earrings are made in India with pure silk cords and glass beads, perfect for a night on the town or any date with your favorite mirror!

What’s on your wish list?

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What’s An Award Show Without Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift, the 24-year-old mega star, might be the most fun person to watch at any award show.  While her onstage performances are usually great, she is usually even more fun as an ever-present audience member.  Below, our favorite T-Swizzle Moments of the 2014 Grammys.

1. The Head Bang Hair Flip


2. The I’m Gonna Dance Like No One’s Watching

3. The Let Down & The Save

4. The Pretty Dress


Golden Globes: 3 Memorable Moments

Last night’s Golden Globe Awards captivated audiences from all walks of life.  While I watched the famed award show, I couldn’t help but laugh and cry with Hollywood’s finest.  I cheered when Emma Thompson drunkenly cursed her bloody Louboutin’s, I screamed when Jennifer Lawrence (my personal fav) was yet again honored for her incredible talent, and I smiled with bittersweet pride when Aaron Paul uttered his very last “Yeah, Bitch!”

While it would take all day and 30 pages to describe my feelings of last night’s show, I have decided instead to discuss 3 memorable moments.

1. Girl Knows How to Stand

Kate Beckinsale, a presenter at last night’s Globes, proved to be perfection as she outshined her nominated peers.  Not only was her dress gorgeous, but her body looked like a flawless hourglass of decades past.  It appears that the skinny actress strategically crossed her legs to achieve that deliciously curvy look.  I’ll be practicing in the mirror.  Thanks, Kate!


2. Girl Must Have Lost a Bet

Paula Patton.  Oh, Paula Patton.  Why?  I could barely sleep last night, but when I did, I was bombarded by nightmares of the abominable snowman known as PP.  I’m pretty sure she was hiding hubby Robin Thicke in that ruffle somewhere.  Regardless, if I had to guess, I’d say she was seeing blurred lines when she tried that dress on (see what I did there?).


3. Alex Ebert, Take Us Home

Ok, this one is not inspired by fashion, but instead motivated by music.  While announcing the nominees for Best Original Score, I could not help but pray for an Alex Ebert win.  To me, he is an artist in every sense of the word.  Diddy might have tried to encroach on his big moment but Ebert stole back the show with his emphatically poetic acceptance speech.  He said, “even the most deft pen is a clumsy tool.”  No need to shower, Alex, just keep writing, keep singing, and keep taking us Home!




9 Staples for Skiing In Style

It’s been a chilly winter so far, but that shouldn’t stop any of us from enjoying the season and all it has to offer.  Avoiding cabin fever is at the top of my to-do list this January.  How, you may ask?   By planning a ski trip!  While I look forward to speeding down the slopes, the wind in my hair and the snow softly falling on my face, I can’t help but wonder what to wear and what to bring.

Below, 9 Ski Essentials for survival both on the slopes and in the lodge.  Have any suggestions?  Share below!

Women's Ski Trip

1. Arc’teryx Jacket. 2. Sno Skinny Ski Trousers from Topshop 3. Saloman BBR Starlight Skis. 4. Marni Waistcoat. 5. Leather Headphone Earmuffs. 6. Fur-lined Kask Helmet. 7. The North Face Lace Boot.  8. Warby Parker Sunnies. 9. KENSIE after-ski pants

men1. Vest from The North Face.  2. Men’s Furano Jacket.  3. James Perse Lightweight Jersey Hoodie.  4. Fleece-lined Turtle Fur hat.  5. A Maker’s Mark on the rocks is a great way to end a day on the slopes.  6. Track your activity with a Fitbit.  7. Patagonia Men’s Ski Pants.  8. Ski Goggles with a GPS system.  9. Burton Touchscreen Liner Gloves.