Vintage Denim and Hand-Me-Down Heaven

My husband calls me a hoarder.  I just say I’m “sentimental.”  Regardless, I have once again been proven correct in my assumption that some things are just worth keeping.

As a child, I was constantly given hand-me-downs (the perks of being one of the youngest family members).  As a child in the ’90s, my denim collection is… large.

While I’m currently on the search for the perfect vintage jean jacket, I have lately been obsessed with the one from Gap Kids (yes, kids!) below.  My older cousin’s name is printed on the inside, so I’m guessing he must’ve brought this thing to camp with him.  Eventually it was passed to my brother, and then to me.  Sitting in my closet for years, and years… and years, who knew I’d ever wear it again? ME.

Despite this 90s frock being a bit short, with sleeves that end just above my wrist, I find it’s baggy and shapeless silhouette to be just on trend.





What items are you “hoarding” in your closet in hopes of a comeback?  Let me know!


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See Now, Buy Now – 3 Hot Trends from NYFW

One of my favorite parts of September is New York Fashion Week.  Yes, it is technically still Summer, but it’s time to start prepping for Spring. Hey, planning ahead never hurt anyone!

Check out three of my favorite new trends that covered Manhattan’s runways last week:

Stripes are timeless and are in no way a new trend, but the simple and classic pattern was seen in a vast variety of NYFW shows this season.  From traditional horizontal and vertical design to diagonal and clashing lines, stripes of all colors were seen creating body movement and shape in even the most shapeless women!

Carolina Herrera, Tibi, Christian Siriano

Carolina Herrera, Tibi, Christian Siriano


Ruffles on ruffles on ruffles.  The dainty detailing of the past is taking an edgier and yet still flirtatious turn into the future.  From one simple ruffle to layers of them, this Spring will be the time to mix up your wardrobe from the waist down.
Elizabeth and James, J Crew, Rodarte

Elizabeth and James, J Crew, Rodarte



Time to move your classic button-down shirts to the back of the closet.  The timeless top has received an upgrade, perhaps more shocking than the headphone jack-less iPhone 7!  From one-shoulder shirtdresses, to wrap styles, crop tops, and shirts sliced with cutouts, the new for spring button-downs are mismatched and asymmetrical.


Elizabeth and James, Monse, Self Portrait




What are some of your favorite trends from fashion week?

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NYFW 2016: Let the Games Begin!

Every September, New York Fashion Week takes the city by storm, beckoning fashionistas from all over the globe.  Listen, I’ve been to fashion shows before.  I’ve flashed my backstage pass to super thin women dressed all in black, guarding the doors leading to a mysterious abyss of fashion frenzy.  I’ve chit chatted with stylists, designers and PR people as their coveted models patiently accept being poked and prodded at with curling irons and sticks of eyeliner.  One time I even saw a model eat.  A sandwich!  There’s carbs in that!

But this year, for the very first time, I was not invited as press covering the runway show for an entertainment news program or a digital publication.  I was just invited.

My first event, which is the one I will highlight today, was for Kyboe watches.  As a LookBooker BeautyBassador, I began my day at RPZL Salon in Chelsea.  Using my coupon (I don’t go anywhere without them), I received my very first crown braid.  I know it can be a bold look… but I kind of loved it… and might have slept in it, hoping to get a second day out of the braid that made me feel like a mix of a milk maid and a Lanister.


One of my close friends, and fellow IG Blogger, known as The King of 5th Ave (aka Nicky), met me at the Salon and after a sip of champagne to start the day, we made our way to midtown.  Our first stop was a loft space on 37th St, where we picked up our complimentary (yes, I said complimentary) Kyboe watches.  There, we met up with our friend and super talented photographer, Jackie (@jackiembarr).


After picking our our watches (a difficult task) and taking a few selfies (obviously), we made our way to craft coffee shop, Ramini to fuel up for what would be a hectic (and humid) day!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

It was only 4 blocks to Moynihan Station, the site of the Kyboe show, but we were still waiting for the caffeine to kick in.  Jackie’s stilettos got stuck between a crack in the sidewalk, and I could feel the sweat dripping down the back of my Spanx.  NYFW isn’t as glamorous as you might think! Once arriving we swiftly entered the air-conditioned venue and stood, somewhat impatiently, in line waiting for the doors to the show to open.  As I stood there, eyeing every outfit from head to toe and coveting handbags left and right, I couldn’t help bouncing up and down as I resisted the urge to pee right then and there (the coffee had kicked in).  I didn’t dare go to the restroom and lose my friends and place in line.

As we found our seats beside the runway, we were delighted to find foam fingers waiting for us.  This was definitely a first for me! When the show finally started (20 minutes late – which is basically on time in the fashion world), I was thrilled to watch a double runway filled with models.  The first was a motorized runway driving watches up and down the aisle.  The second, was a real runway, with real models.  As the first model appeared, I wasn’t surprised to find another ridiculously skinny woman wearing an outfit that would without a doubt make me look pregnant.  But then, out came the men.  The shirtless, chiseled men.  Was this a fashion show for a watch company or was I really at an Abercrombie & Fitch photoshoot?  I didn’t know… and quite frankly, I didn’t care.  Oh, and I guess I should mention the watches were fabulous too…


After the show, we went our separate ways – all of us off to different events.


By the end of the day, I was done.  I’m a complainer, I’ll admit it.  I always say I’m tired, I’m exhausted, I need a nap.  But out of 52 weeks of the year, NYFW is by far the most depleting.  Alternatively, out of 52 weeks of the year NYFW is by far the most fun!

How are you celebrating NYFW?  Would love to hear your stories!

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The Modern Milliner

As a lifelong New Yorker I am supposed to subscribe to the ethnocentric idea that there is no city on earth that compares to the city that never sleeps.  In my early twenties however, I spent a brief period of time living in London.  The Old Smoke entered my lungs and nearly a decade later, a small piece of London still lives within me.  The history, the art, the beauty and the strong sense of tradition instilled within Brits is unlike anything I have ever seen.

Keeping history and tradition in fashion alive and well is Allon Zloof, a man to whom I believe has earned the moniker, The Modern Milliner.  In 2013, Zloof, who stems from generations of designer hat-makers, revived the centuries-old business, Tom Smarte, bringing fine British hat design into the 21st Century.


From the heart of London, Tom Smarte creates urban hats for a cosmopolitan look.  
From Savile Row to Hoxton, Tom Smarte’s English hats style travels well and is equally at home in Paris, Tokyo and New York.

FullSizeRender (1) –
As a testament to the pure craftsmanship that goes into Tom Smarte hat design, I recently took one of my perfect fedoras for a lengthy bike ride from Manhattan’s picturesque Upper West Side to its ultra-trendy Meat Packing District.  It was a particularly windy day as I rode my fixed-gear beach cruiser along Riverside Park’s visually stunning waterfront.  With this kind of weather, I would typically be holding on to my hat (pun intended!) with great fear that my headpiece would soon be floating down the Hudson River.  However, my Tom Smarte fedora did not budge as its design and fit is so refined and well perfected..

Allon Zloof’s enormous passion for preserving only the finest hat making skills and traditions are what makes Tom Smarte products so special.  While the brand gears toward men, I firmly believe these marvelous hats are perfect for women as well.  Allon couldn’t agree more, even his wife often wears his perfectly fitting Tom Smarte hats!
Be sure to visit to get a hat of your very own!
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Let’s Go Orange (and blue)!

Nothing excites a Syracuse University alum more than one of 2016 NYFW’s biggest trends, the colors orange and blue!  Luckily my closet is filled to the brim of my two favorite colors.  Designers like Opening Ceremony, Jeremy Scott and Tory Burch covered their runways with stylish models clad in the beautiful and spirited color combination.

Tory Burch; Opening Ceremony; Guilietta

Tory Burch; Opening Ceremony; Guilietta

From contrasting pants and shirts to dresses flawlessly combining the colorful hues, get ready to see an ample amount of “Syracuse” couture lining the windows of Saks, Barneys and Bergdof’s.  I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time…

Embracing the trend is one of Instagram’s most fashionable Social Influencers:


Kinza |@Latresor | Algeria / Norway


Kinza and her sister, Zozo (@mczozo) are personal style bloggers at  The pair have an eye for both style and a bargain.  The outfit above, which appears haute couture is actually a steal!  Her dress is from Mango, trousers from Bik Bok, jacket from Monki, shoes from Zara and adding in some additional style, a vintage handbag.  If there’s anything The Eden Edition loves completely, it’s something vintage, and of course, a good deal!

In fact, if you think dressing on a budget won’t get you attention, well, you couldn’t be more wrong!  While in Oslo Runway, international street style photographers were eager to take pics of the sisters.  David Nyanzi (@davidnyanzi) posted one of their photos, making the girls beyond excited!

We do not wear expensive brands from head to toe.  We are concerned with style and the ability to combine different garments together.  Even if it is bought on budget it can still look good.

Kinza reminds us that Norway has very long winters, and most embrace neutral tones.  Therefore, she goes for color… and these colors are right on trend!  Known as the “Fashion Sisters,” Kinza and Zozo are extraordinarily ambitious and determined to encourage and inspire women from all walks life.  In 2014, they founded the socially oriented women’s organization CLÉ WOMEN with a friend Sheery K.  They hold seminars and events that address relevant issues and works toward empowering women in everyday life and work.  Their goal is to create a community of women who inspire and support each other.

Kinza and Zozo are such an inspiration to us here at The Eden Edition.  Their goals are ambitious but their desires are pure.  Women helping women.  We couldn’t agree more!
Kinza leaves us with a few words wisdom:
If there is something you really want, then do it.   The only thing you need is to set yourself a goal and work toward it. Never give up.  You will fail many times but it is important to continue. That’s when the success comes! Trust us 🙂
Go Kinza and Zozo!  Check out their blog and Instas!  You won’t be disappointed!
Also, GO ORANGE (and blue)!!!
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Color Blocking Done Right

Color blocking is one of the hottest trends happening in fashion, but it’s important to know how to properly embrace the magic of the rainbow.  No one wants to look like they fell out of a 1990s time warp!

There are a couple of ways to embrace color blocking. For beginners, start with a neutral base, from there add in a big and bold color that will naturally pop.  Mix in a couple of accessories that compliment both your neutral and vibrant color.
Already feeling ready to make a statement? Well, forget all the rules your mother taught you about “matching” when you were a child.  Go ahead and find two, three or even four pieces that “clash” or mismatch just enough to make your outfit look planned and well thought out.
Fellow the Fashionistas out there know what I’m talking about.  Instagrammers around the globe are seen brightening their ensembles with dynamic shades of complimentary or contrasting colors for a look that is nice, neat and NOW.

Vanessa |@vanessa_zaree | London via Spain 


Spanish Londoner, Vanessa, works as a freelance fashion copywriter and runs the fabulous blog,  And, when it comes to color blocking, Vanessa might just be the Queen!  Pictured above, Vanessa combines a beautiful and bold mint Zara coat with pink shoes and a pink bag.  Making color blocking easy, Vanessa finds colors with the same level of brightness.
Try to compare two different colours from each end of the spectrum, and if you’re unsure, the easy way to do colour blocking is with accessories, kind of like how I did with this outfit. Also colour blocking isn’t just about mixing acid brights – it can look so pretty and elegant when done with pastel hues.  As for colour blocking no no’s, it’s really up to personal taste – I personally wouldn’t do red and yellow, or bright yellow and bright green! But each to their own.
Instagram has proved to be an asset for Vanessa as it “is one of fashion’s most powerful tools.” Her followers mean so much to her and she wants to share more with them.  She is a very visual person with an art degree and an eye for photography… she even makes greeting cards!  As an eloquent storyteller and talented artist, we may have another Coco Chanel on our hands – especially when she says things like this… “I truly believe that travel is what completes us. That, and a great pair of shoes” … and The Eden Edition couldn’t agree more!
Laura |@onestreetstyle | Germany
Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 7.37.57 PM
In 2014 when Laura was sick and bored she decided to set up an Instagram account, but she had no idea the success it would bring her.  A fan of Calvin Klein, Prada and Michael Kors, Laura loves dark clothes mixed with white pieces.  To spice up a basic ensemble, this young fashionista recommends matching a white/black outfit with a pink Prada bag and pink pumps.  And when it comes to color blocking, Laura hates too many colors.  She believes 3-4 different colors are okay with her favorites for blocking being pink, blue or mint.  When Laura is not working on her blog,, she can be found  working for the online fashion store, Sodafirm, with Starbucks in hand, of course!  Laura dreams of building a career in the fashion industry, and we have no doubt we will see her at future NYFW’s!
Now that you know the ins and outs of color blocking, it’s time to get to it!  Let us know how it goes!
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Better Look Good for Saul (Zabar)

New York City, and the Upper West Side particularly, has no shortage of specialty grocery stores.  From Citarella to Fairway, Manhattanites have some of the world’s most delectable options right at their doorstep.  But, as an almost decade long Upper West Side resident and a lifelong New Yorker, it is my humble opinion that nothing compares to the family run, neighborhood market known as Zabar’s.

On almost every shopping trip to the century-old emporium you can find Saul Zabar, one of the owners of the famed store, roaming up and down the narrow aisles that shelve Jewish appetizers and global confections.  Checking in on customers, who of course know him by name, Saul makes every trip to 80th street not just a chore, but an event.

My father, perhaps Zabar’s biggest fan, is on constant runs down Broadway for pounds of stuffed cabbage, onion rolls and pastrami (very thinly cut, of course).  And, it might be his excitement that makes me feel that if Saul can bring so much joy not just to my family, but to families all over the city, then it should be my responsibility to at least look somewhat presentable as I roam from his carefully curated cheese section to my favorite coffee nook whose intoxicating aromas delicately tickle my nostrils.

So the next time you find yourself in a catering pickle, I say, you better call Saul!

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 12.25.55 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 12.25.58 PM

Boots: Ted Baker; Shawl: Free People; Bag: Zac Posen; Sunglasses: Prada; Shirt: Zara;

Necklace: Rachel Zoe; Watch: Shinola Detroit

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