Fashion’s Best for Wedding Guests

Wedding season has officially arrived.  As an almost 28-year-old, it seems like everyone around me is getting engaged.  It feels like I am receiving more invitations to weddings than I did for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs when I was 13.  This year alone, I have 6 weddings to attend, the last, on December 14th, my own.  From black-tie affairs, to British afternoon ceremonies, the next 6 months for me are going to be quite busy.  Although I am extraordinarily excited to celebrate the unions of my close and dear family and friends, I think I am more enthusiastic about the fashion and what I might possibly wear to each event.

Is wedding season hitting you hard this year?  Check out some looks I’ve put together for both men and women.

1. Black-Tie Wedding

Pronovas black tieBlack by Vera Wang
For Her: Pronovias; For Him: Black by Vera Wang

2. Late Summer British Wedding

For Her: Moschino Cheap & Chic; For Him: Bachrach

Ladies, we can’t forget about our greatest accessory for this occasion: The hat!

Vivien-Sheriff-Millinery-14034-large.Notting hill 1
Vivien Sheriff Millinery

3. Backyard Wedding

Thread Socialkhaki-pants-with-brown-shoes-and-tie
For Her: Thread Social

4. Semi-Formal Country Wedding

For Her: Tracy Reese; For Him: Brooks Brothers

5. Destination Wedding

For Her: Alice & Olivia; For Him: Banana Republic

Have fun at all your weddings this year!  I know I will!