NYFW 2016: Let the Games Begin!

Every September, New York Fashion Week takes the city by storm, beckoning fashionistas from all over the globe.  Listen, I’ve been to fashion shows before.  I’ve flashed my backstage pass to super thin women dressed all in black, guarding the doors leading to a mysterious abyss of fashion frenzy.  I’ve chit chatted with stylists, designers and PR people as their coveted models patiently accept being poked and prodded at with curling irons and sticks of eyeliner.  One time I even saw a model eat.  A sandwich!  There’s carbs in that!

But this year, for the very first time, I was not invited as press covering the runway show for an entertainment news program or a digital publication.  I was just invited.

My first event, which is the one I will highlight today, was for Kyboe watches.  As a LookBooker BeautyBassador, I began my day at RPZL Salon in Chelsea.  Using my coupon (I don’t go anywhere without them), I received my very first crown braid.  I know it can be a bold look… but I kind of loved it… and might have slept in it, hoping to get a second day out of the braid that made me feel like a mix of a milk maid and a Lanister.


One of my close friends, and fellow IG Blogger, known as The King of 5th Ave (aka Nicky), met me at the Salon and after a sip of champagne to start the day, we made our way to midtown.  Our first stop was a loft space on 37th St, where we picked up our complimentary (yes, I said complimentary) Kyboe watches.  There, we met up with our friend and super talented photographer, Jackie (@jackiembarr).


After picking our our watches (a difficult task) and taking a few selfies (obviously), we made our way to craft coffee shop, Ramini to fuel up for what would be a hectic (and humid) day!

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It was only 4 blocks to Moynihan Station, the site of the Kyboe show, but we were still waiting for the caffeine to kick in.  Jackie’s stilettos got stuck between a crack in the sidewalk, and I could feel the sweat dripping down the back of my Spanx.  NYFW isn’t as glamorous as you might think! Once arriving we swiftly entered the air-conditioned venue and stood, somewhat impatiently, in line waiting for the doors to the show to open.  As I stood there, eyeing every outfit from head to toe and coveting handbags left and right, I couldn’t help bouncing up and down as I resisted the urge to pee right then and there (the coffee had kicked in).  I didn’t dare go to the restroom and lose my friends and place in line.

As we found our seats beside the runway, we were delighted to find foam fingers waiting for us.  This was definitely a first for me! When the show finally started (20 minutes late – which is basically on time in the fashion world), I was thrilled to watch a double runway filled with models.  The first was a motorized runway driving watches up and down the aisle.  The second, was a real runway, with real models.  As the first model appeared, I wasn’t surprised to find another ridiculously skinny woman wearing an outfit that would without a doubt make me look pregnant.  But then, out came the men.  The shirtless, chiseled men.  Was this a fashion show for a watch company or was I really at an Abercrombie & Fitch photoshoot?  I didn’t know… and quite frankly, I didn’t care.  Oh, and I guess I should mention the watches were fabulous too…


After the show, we went our separate ways – all of us off to different events.


By the end of the day, I was done.  I’m a complainer, I’ll admit it.  I always say I’m tired, I’m exhausted, I need a nap.  But out of 52 weeks of the year, NYFW is by far the most depleting.  Alternatively, out of 52 weeks of the year NYFW is by far the most fun!

How are you celebrating NYFW?  Would love to hear your stories!

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2015 Korean Beauty Trends

I was always told I have great skin.  I was always told to stay out of the sun, to take care of my youthful face.  My father always told me to “STOP” furrowing my brow.  “It’ll cause wrinkles,” he’d say.

On July 23, I turned 30.  On July 24, I noticed the fine lines on my forehead.  And, what was that on my cheek?  A smile line? I’ll never smile again, I vowed.  What’s there to smile about anyway?  I’m old now.

While I can’t turn back the hands of time, the K-beauty industry just might have the secret.  Check out these trending products below:

  1. Snail Cream/Sleeping Packs: Fighting wrinkles and attacking those fine lines every night, snail extracts are all the rage – so pick up some snail slime ASAP.  I’ll be trying the Mizon Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping PackvwHVV0p
  2. Enhanced Water: This sounded odd to me too.  Apparently soaking your face in sparkling water can help smooth out any uneven complexion by removing dead skin cells, reducing puffiness and firming the skin.  WARNING: Do not drink. [Innisfree] Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence was recommended to me.0018869-300
  3. Sheet Masks: Clay masks are so last year.  Skip the spa and treat yourself at home to one of these hydrating, brightening and moisturizing masks that are easy to apply and require basically no clean-up.  Did I mention how great you’ll look wearing it?  Proof below:

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.10.02 PM

The list of Korean beauty products is never-ending and always evolving.  And while many of the products seem a little wacky, they almost always hit the western market…. years (and many wrinkles) later.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.40.58 PM