April Showers: Bring It, Rain!

April showers bring May flowers… Yeah, yeah, we know.

April has been generously sunny thus far, but the storms they are a brewin!  Although we may want to, life doesn’t always allow us the opportunity to stay curled up at home all day with a movie, sweatpants, and the yummiest of throw blankets imaginable.  So, in order to make the outdoor experience just a little brighter add bold colors and fun accents to those rainy day outfits.


April Showerse.jpg


1. Show off your nails with both bold and subdued Spring Tom Ford Nail Lacquer.  2. If you’re a dog lover like me, The San Francisco Umbrella Company offers a line of must-have Dog Park Umbrellas featuring all your favorite breeds. Now that’s what I call a San Francisco treat!  3. Obviously, a raincoat is essential.  As a massive fan of the cape, I recommend the fun and nautical Sevan Cape by Trout.  4. Show off those May flowers a little early with floral Ted Baker rain boots.  5. Ladies, leave the leather at home!  Instead opt for a water-resistant bag like those made by MZ Wallace New York.


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