9 Staples for Skiing In Style

It’s been a chilly winter so far, but that shouldn’t stop any of us from enjoying the season and all it has to offer.  Avoiding cabin fever is at the top of my to-do list this January.  How, you may ask?   By planning a ski trip!  While I look forward to speeding down the slopes, the wind in my hair and the snow softly falling on my face, I can’t help but wonder what to wear and what to bring.

Below, 9 Ski Essentials for survival both on the slopes and in the lodge.  Have any suggestions?  Share below!

Women's Ski Trip

1. Arc’teryx Jacket. 2. Sno Skinny Ski Trousers from Topshop 3. Saloman BBR Starlight Skis. 4. Marni Waistcoat. 5. Leather Headphone Earmuffs. 6. Fur-lined Kask Helmet. 7. The North Face Lace Boot.  8. Warby Parker Sunnies. 9. KENSIE after-ski pants

men1. Vest from The North Face.  2. Men’s Furano Jacket.  3. James Perse Lightweight Jersey Hoodie.  4. Fleece-lined Turtle Fur hat.  5. A Maker’s Mark on the rocks is a great way to end a day on the slopes.  6. Track your activity with a Fitbit.  7. Patagonia Men’s Ski Pants.  8. Ski Goggles with a GPS system.  9. Burton Touchscreen Liner Gloves.


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