Winter Storm Essentials

Greek Mythology has always piqued my interest.  I love reading of the subject and analyzing paintings by the likes of Botticelli, Velasquez, and my personal favorite, Bronzino.   Here’s what I’ve learned: Greek Gods don’t mess around.  The almighty Zeus has sent his son, Hercules, on a mission to terrorize NYC and much of the country with an unbearable amount of snow, wind and ice.

We’ve made it through snow storms before, and we’ll make it through this one, too.  But while you’re stuck at home, waiting for brighter skies, take a look at our guide to surviving the winter weather that has yet to descend.




1. Keep warm with this stunning Army fur by Yves Saloman. 2. Keep dry while remaining badass with this Alexander McQueen Skull Handle Umbrella. 3. Keep on walking with a pair of Cole Haan Henson Tall Boot. 4.  Keep hydrated with a steaming mug of delicious hot cocoa.  5. Keep entertained with this complete box set of Sherlock. 5. Keep cozy with this intricate silk kimono style robe by Plum Pretty Sugar.


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