Here Comes Sandy

Sandy is coming.  It’s undeniable.  Just like Irene, Sandy is bound to be devastating.  But what about in Manhattan?  Last year, about this time, I found myself prepping for Irene to touch land and destroy the island I call home.

It rained… a little.  And then it was over.  We bought every item in the grocery store, every battery and flashlight at our corner Bodega, and we had every computer, iPad, iPhone, and electronic device we have charged and ready for use.

All of the hype was for nothing.  I know there is a storm coming.  I know Sandy is supposed to be out of control, but you can’t blame me for being a little skeptical.  Yes, this storm is being watched closely, they are guaranteeing strong winds, and are encouraging people to stay indoors (which, just in case, you really should), BUT, what is actually going to happen in Manhattan?  Most of the time, is telling me it’s sunny when it’s actually raining.

All I know is that Sandy has given us all a day off.  Thanks, girl.  Don’t do too much damage!

Oh, and Bloomberg, let’s not attempt Spanish this year.  I really think it’s for the best!



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