Food Truck for Dogs!

If you’re from New York City, you know food trucks are all the rage!  My personal favorite is the Korilla Korean BBQ Truck.  Every Tuesday I chow down on a Bulgogi Burrito!

My dog, Dilbert, however, gets no such treatment.  At least not until now!  Thanks to Rachel Ray’s love of both animals and cooking, the dogs of the city now have more to live for on their daily walks! 

Her food truck for dogs will provide hungry pups with her own line of dog food, inspired by her original recipes for her human fans.  Dilbert loves human food.  I feel like he’s already dragging me down to Union Square for a tasty Rachel Ray treat!

Additionally, and this is something that means a lot to both Dilbert and I, there will be on-site adoption of homeless animals sponsored by the Best Friends Animal Society and two of its local rescue partners.

Thank you, Rachel Ray, for giving other dogs and animals, just like Dilbert, who are hungry, lost and in need of a family a second chance!

We applaud your efforts! And everyone else out there looking for a pet: ADOPT! ADOPT! ADOPT!


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