15 Worst “Sexy” Halloween Costumes

Somewhere in their teens, girls start to trade in their cut up witch and ghost costumes for lingerie and slutty outfits.  Below are the 25 WORST Sexy Halloween Costumes out there.  I’m sure to see these and more on October 31!

1. The Slutty Monkey

2.  Cheeky Chinese Take-Out
Chinese Take Out Costume

3.  The Sexy Poodle
Sexy Pink Poodle Costume

4. BJ University Cheerleader
BJU Cheerleader

5.  Slutty Crayon

6.  Sexy Sesame Street
oscar grouch halloween costumephoto courtesy yandy heard sexy sesame street

7.  Slutty Ninja Turtle

8. The Testy Tin Man

9. The Naughty Nun

10.  Kinky Kandy Korn

11. Flirtatious Fruits

12. Voluptuous Viking
The Viking Deluxe Costume

13. Precious Peacock
Sexy Peacock Costume

14.  The Handsome Hamburger
Sexy Hamburger Costume

15. This Is Just Wrong
Adult Baby Costume

Have you seen worse?  Share them!  Would love to see what other disasters are out there!  Happy Costume Shopping!


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