World’s Greatest Superhero: Beer!

When we think about beer, we think about football, beer bellies, a good buzz and a good time.  But when we are sipping, chugging or shot-gunning our favorite brew, what we really should be doing is thanking it.  Thank you, beer, thank you for saving the world!

How you might ask?  Well, let’s get to it!

  1. In ancient Egypt, a gallon of beer was the daily wage for pyramid construction workers.  No beer, no pyramids.
  2. Egyptian babies were baptized in sacred and holy hops
  3. Beer acted as an anesthetic for birthing mothers in medieval Europe
  4. When water grew unclean and tarnished, the ingestion of beer saved countless lives
  5. It allowed Louis Pasteur to discover the existence of bacteria
  6. The voyage to America would not have happened without beer to replace spoiled water
  7. Most of America’s founders were also brewers.  Beer helped build commerce in America.
  8. Beer created refrigeration.  During warmer months ice melted quickly.  To solve the crisis, refrigeration was created.  Not only did it solve the beer crisis, but also it solved problems like food storage, it preserved medicine and most importantly, sustained ice cream!
  9. It wasn’t the automobile industry that put America on the road to economic power but beer factories.
  10. The creation of glass beer bottles ended child labor because of the automate machine invented by Michael Owens

So then next time you pick up an ice-cold brew make sure to make a toast.  Here’s to beer!  Thanks for everything!


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