Celebrities & The Subway

Apparently we live in a new day and age.  It seems the past year was the year celebrities chose to give up their private car services to live like the real people of New York.  Instead of a smooth ride above ground, these celebs decided to navigate the city on the nitty-gritty subway rail.  There are rats down there you know!

Staying true to his name Jay-Z (the trains he named himself for) got back to his roots! 

The Kardashians
This must be a first.  Sorry ladies, you don’t duck face on the subway!

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllen-hauling ass on the train!  Save a seat for me, Jakey-P00!

JAKE GYLLENHAAL   photo | Jake Gyllenhaal

Neil Patrick Harris
What I would give to be there.  I think they should rename the NQR to the NPH.  Who’s with me?!

NEIL PATRICK HARRIS   photo | Neil Patrick Harris

Jessie Tyler Ferguson
Incognito at 28th st.  Sorry, Jessie, the glasses aren’t hiding you very well!JESSE TYLER FERGUSON   photo | Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Katie Holmes
She might have left Tom Cruise, but that won’t stop her from cruising on the subway!

Congrats to all you brave celebrities out there!  But as a person who has to take the subway everywhere I go, unless I want to spend a fortune on cabs, if I were you, I’d stick to the chauffeur and TV screens!  I’m sure it’s smells a lot less like BO and vomit!

Like stories about the subway?  Get even crazier news and videos at the amazing website City Subway Creatures!  I frequent the site daily!


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