Breaking Amish: Fake?

TLC’s rather new “reality” series, “Breaking Amish,” has been receiving a great deal of flak for being fake.  Here’s the buzz – the 5 cast members left their Amish communities long before being approached by TLC.  Rumors are swirling that Jeremiah, Amish bad boy, has been arrested for domestic violence and is being portrayed as a single, innocent Amish man, when he’s already divorced with 3 children.  Other gossip states that bipolar Rebecca was sending her pictures to modeling agencies, received DUI’s, and was homeless in Florida before being on the show.   Pretty much, none of these people  just left their their bubble to come to the big city for the first time. 

My question is who cares?!  Why are people so up in arms about this?  Yes, it’s a bit disappointing that these insane characters might be fake, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.  And, as a person who works in television and watches reality TV, let me tell you, EVERY reality show you watch is fake.  They are all set up; they are all edited to fit a script written by a story producer based on footage.  No one gets mad at the Real Housewives for being a farce.  So why are they mad at these Amish folks?  Is it because the Amish are supposed to be innocent and wholesome?  Who knows.  Real or fake, Breaking Amish is entertaining and bizarre.  Keep it coming TLC.

Oh, one final question. Does anyone else feel like TLC (The Learning Channel), should change their name?… not sure how educational the channel actually is anymore!


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