25 Things Mothers Don’t Want for Their Child. How Many Have You Done?

Babble.com recently released a list of the 25 things mothers never want their children to do.  How many have you done?….

1. Do drugs – Check. But only the kind that is legal for medicinal purposes….

2. Become a teen mom – No babies yet!

3. Vote Republican – Never will I ever!  Or will I?…. No.

4. Get a neck tattoo – Maybe one day

5. Listen to really bad music – Sorry about those N’Sync days, Mom, but we’ve moved on to much better music!

6. Become a stripper… or worse! – Only for my boyfriend (wink)

7. Steal her best friend’s boyfriend – Nope!

8. Take candy from strangers – I haven’t, but oddly enough, my mother IS that woman offering candy to little children…

9. Quit school – College graduate

10. Pretend she’s someone she’s not – Hasn’t everyone?  Even just for a moment?

11. Lying to a parent, a lot. – I cannot tell a lie.  My parents cursed my brother and I.  We CANNOT lie to them.  If we do, we tell them immediately.

12. Smoke – Can count on one hand how many times I’ve smoked a cig.

13. Become a mean girl – I hope I haven’t!

14. Date a jerk – Maybe once?… Plus my current boyfriend…. (just kidding!)

15. Take a job she hates – Never took a job I hated, but left jobs I’ve hated…. If that makes sense.

16. Forget to floss – Flossing hurts.  I don’t do it. Sue me.

17. Hate her body – There’s always room for improvement.

18. Become unenthusiastic – ummmm… what?

19. Become lazy – I mean, sometimes…. this list is getting weird.

20. Says she hates me and means it – NEVER!

21. Join a wacky religion or cult – Nope… but what about starting one?

22. Drink 5 long Island Iced Teas in a row – um, I can’t remember!

23. Buy a PC – Mac girl!

24. Doesn’t recycle – mostly recycle

25. To not know how much she is loved – I am fortunate enough to be loved and know how much I’m loved!  Thanks, mom and dad!

So, How many times have you disappointed your parents?  Even if we do… I think they’ll always forgive us.  That’s what moms are for!


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