Happy Columbus Day?

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue… and “discovered” the Americas!  But does he deserve a day of celebration?

Below, 5 facts they DIDN’T teach you in 2nd grade: 

1. Columbus did not discover America. The first European arrived 500 years prior.  Furthermore, Native Americans occupied the land some 14,000 years before “discovery.”

2. When landing in the Bahamas, Columbus enslaved the kind and welcoming natives.  Within a year, half of the population was dead.

3. Columbus supported sexual slavery, and boasted that girls between the ages of 9-1o were in high demand.  They were sold,  raped, and tortured.

4. Under his rule, if slaves did not perform to his desires he would cut off their hands, nose and/or ear.   

5. His crimes against humanity were so harsh it caused mass suicide.  Survivors often killed their newborns to protect their offspring from oppression.


Today, this man would not be considered a “hero.”  Due to his horrid crimes and reign of terror, he would be imprisoned, sitting on death row.

  Celebrating Columbus Day would be like honoring Saddam Hussein or Adolf Hitler.  Oh well, Happy Columbus Day, asshole. 

What do you think?  Should Columbus Day be a day of celebration or a day of mourning?


One thought on “Happy Columbus Day?

  1. Damn right. I have NO idea why people celebrate this day in his name, and I also have NO idea why “Italian Americans” (read people that can make red sauce and say mozzarella right) are proud of this asshole. Being mostly Italian myself? I am ashamed of this man. There is no celebration in what he has done. I don’t care what he discovered, I mean, stumbled upon. Fuck him, and fuck his modern day supporters.

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