2012 Fall Fashion: Vintage Style

Vintage might as well be my middle name.  I love seeing how clothing, jewelry, and accessories can survive the decades and can flawlessy coexist with contemporary fashions.  The following photos, many of which were published in LIFE Magazine,  introduced Fall Trends to the fashionalble women of 1938.  They clearly show how yesteryears fashions can be easily integrated into the trends of Fall 2012.

Hats in general were big in 1938 and we all know the trend is back.  Whether it’s a fedora or a bowler hat, women everywhere are sporting these fashionable headpieces.  On the left is Rag & Bone’s Floppy Rimmed Fedora.

This plaid form fitting coat is calling my name!  Imagine walking down a Breezy November New York City street in this beauty!  We all know plaid is IN.  Men are wearing it, women are wearing it, I’m pretty sure there are even plaid dog coats.  Find something like this this fall and you are bound to get compliments on every corner!  Check out today’s jacket from Theory.


 Though this shoe is from 1938, it highly reminds me of a shoe I’d see on Mad Men.  Mad Men features some awe inspiring fashion.  So impressive that stores like Banana Republic have based entire clothing lines on the hit TV show’s style.  The shoe on the left honors the past with a few extra buttons for some modern flair!

A subtle embellished shoulder can be so classy and elegant.  Whether worn during the day or at night, any embellished shoulder can be transitioned easily by a simple change of accessories.  The more modern short sleeve knit top by Lela Rose accomplishes the same simple elegance as its 1930s inspiration.

The pleated skirt.  You can’t fight me on this one. It’s 2012 and they’re everywhere!   Ladies, don’t put away your pleated skirts just yet, they’ll be great this fall!  Alice & Olivia modernizes the look by creating a maxi and adding a bright burst of color!

Last, but certainly not least, LACE!  It seems like we can’t get away from lace these days, and I’m certainly not complaining.  Lace can add a chic and cultured look to any outfit. And the lace in the vintage photograph above  is particularly delicate and, most importantly, detailed.  Look at the Quotation by Sanctuary lace top above.  Can you see the similarities in the contemporary blouse?

Know of more vintage to modern looks?  I’d love to see them!


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