How Much Is That Six-Pack In the Window?

Men in boxes for the opening of (Adopt a guy)

Dating.  For some, it’s easy.  You bump into your soul mate on an airplane and the rest is history.  For others, romance is a rocky road (which coincidentally is an excellent ice cream choice for post-date disaster recovery)!

Well, enough moping!  We are 12 years into the new millennium, and while dating websites like or J-Date have sufficed, the bar is now, finally, being raised.

Ever been to Amsterdam?  Heard of the Red Light District?  Well,, a French dating website has looked toward their European neighbors to increase France’s statistics with love!  Adopte-un-mec, French for Adopt-A-Guy, has created a Pop-Up Shop in Paris, where eligible bachelors stand in glass boxes for women to admire and even take for a test spin!  Additionally, they post hundreds of Polaroids showing off their massive repertoire of men who are single and ready to mingle! 

So here’s the question – Is this demeaning?  What if women were in the window, would there be an uproar?

In any event, whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now….. happy browsing!


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